Tenderloin Housing Clinic

Displacement of low-income families in San Francisco

In four weeks, we built native apps to empower 50,000 families living in unsafe habitation. We made measurable impact to my local community with CodePath's Designers Learn iOS Program.

The Problem

Families at Risk

Unsafe habitation is on the rise with for-profit subsidized housing because these families don't possess the resources, knowledge or time to correct punitive violations.

The Goal

Strengthen the Community

Enable tenants to report violations & make first contact with Staff, quickly as possible.

Opportunity for Impact

Interviews & Data Points

After interviews & shadowing, I presented to the Stakeholders a collective of knowledge of current challenges & previous wins experienced by the team.

This allowed me to define success metrics, while articulating why we should build this solution in a way that resonated with the team. We agreed on a strategy increase impact without affecting Staff's finite bandwidth by leveraging motivated tenants.

Accessibility technology desert

80% of tenants have cellphones, but only 15% smartphones. SMS will be a standalone companion for this constraint.

Engagement 6 to 50,000 Ratio

Community demand is always outpacing their capacity. Responsibilities include discovery, education & sentiment.

Velocity Automation is absent

Technology can shrink this perceived limbo between when a violation occurs to date of correction, averaging 3 to 4 weeks.

Sketching, Whiteboards & Wireframes

Architecture & Functionality

I lead a group of 12 people with brainstorming, defining the problem space, unmet needs & core use cases. Simultaneously we generated a lot of ideas and solicited buy-in within the team.

Wireframing the Journey

Tenant · Report a Violation

With 3 taps, ending abuse & amplifying their voice.

Wireframing the Journey

Staff · Report a Violation

Increasing report generation, while decreasing data entry will maximize impact.

Wireframing the Journey

Tenant · Onboarding

We need meta data, but not at the cost of tenant churn.

Typography, Color & Chrome

Tenant · Hero Screens

Typography, Color & Chrome

Staff · Hero Screens

Testing Accessiblity

Iterations for Performance

Families aren't tech savvy, nor carefree.

The product should alleviate anxiety while users navigate this complex & foreign system, not add to it. We tested several interactions to measure ease of use & intuitiveness.

User Testing

Uploading Rich Media

Legal Staff cited a correlation; 10x less landlord disputes when documents that include visual evidence. We tested several interactions to compare which version was the most intuitive.

Interstitial User Value Proposition

Inline Context Subtle nunge with Motion

Actionsheet Agressive Blocking Pattern

Mobile Development

xCode & Objective-C

Being my 1st time coding & shipping an iOS application, the experience will forever change how I build products in the future.

Commit to Master

What we shipped

OnboardingClean & Focused CTAs

Tenant UX Subtle nunge with Motion

Staff UX Agressive Blocking Pattern

We moved the needle

Outcomes & Impact YOY

△ 830% direct family counseling

302 illegal evictions halted

△ 670% in punitive rewards

△ 2,000% clients served YOY

△ 105% new volunteer YOY

78 new units added

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